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The violin is a beautiful and highly recognisable instrument that both adults and young can benefit from learning to play. While it is quite popular all around the world, there is still a particular sense of mystery and an aura of romance surrounding this instrument. Due to such perception, people usually think it is quite hard to learn to play it. The truth is, learning to play the violin is no more, or less, difficult than any other instrument. However, the effort needed for learning to play it is overshadowed by a plethora of benefits that playing the violin brings. If you are still unsure about learning to play it, in this article, we will try to explain as to why you should learn the violin, and how can that benefit you in the long run.

We offer experienced teachers that have experience in orchestras and other key musical groups with the role of a violinist.

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Here at the Violin Academy of Singapore, we are ambassadors of the numerous benefits people receive from playing the violin on a daily basis.

First of all, are the mental benefits of learning how to and playing the violin:

Numerous studies have shown that, by playing the violin on a regular basis, your concentration can be substantially enhanced. Learning to read notes, translating them on a piece of paper, and then turning them into music, requires a lot of practising, and that requires a lot of focus. By regularly focusing on the notes and the music, you will, in fact, also “train” your concentration and enhance your attention span. By learning the violin, you can also substantially improve your memory as well. By continually playing the violin, your muscle memory will only get better and better. Additionally, your brain memory will also get enhanced, as you will start memorising the songs, and, as time goes by, start playing them without having to read sheet notes. Finally, you can even expect your senses to get sharper since it has been proven that playing the violin can have a positive impact on one’s ability to integrate information from hearing, sight and touch.

Next up are the physical benefits of playing The Violins (especially important in Singapore where people lead sedentary, relatively boring lifestyles).

One of the most obvious physical advantages of playing the violin is the increased arm strength. It is highly likely that you will tire yourself quickly in the beginning. But, over time, your upper body and arm muscles will get stronger, as a result of constant playing. You can also expect your posture to get substantially improved as well. The violin is most commonly played by sitting up straight, with the correct vertical alignment of your back. Playing violin in this position can have an immensely positive impact on your shoulders and back, as they’ll only get stronger, and more capable of supporting your posture and upper body. Lastly, your fingers will also become strengthened, and their dexterity and coordination will be much improved.

Last, but not least, playing the violin can significantly improve and enhance your social skills.

It can boost your confidence and your sense of teamwork and community, as well as collaboration skills. Playing the violin, or any instrument, in front of an audience, can be quite daunting. By putting yourself in this situation, you can basically “train” your confidence, and subsequently, apply that training to other areas of your life. Lastly, by playing in an orchestra, you will improve your sense of teamwork and learn how to collaborate with others closely, and that is something that can be invaluable in your professional life. If you are playing on your own, you will still feel like you are a member of a greater community, thus giving you ample chance of meeting people that might share the same interests.

All our instructors have real-life experience in orchestras and musical groups. Visit us today at the Violin Academy of Singapore to learn more about this incredible instrument.

Why Should You Learn Violin with Violin Academy Singapore?

Learning to play an instrument is an enjoyable and confidence boosting ability. Many people want to learn how to play an instrument but somehow end up choosing some other instrument over the violin. Even though violins are beautiful instruments and are usually related to romance and people are interested in listening to the beautiful symphony that is played. But when it comes to learning there is this stigma around it that violins are too tough or too complicated to learn or too expensive to buy. However, this is not true, violins are similar to any musical instrument and take almost the same time to learn. In addition to this, there are many health benefits of playing the violin or simply learning to play it.
The first and the foremost thing that is required in the learning of any skill is a good teacher. At Violin Academy Singapore they have the best teachers that have a lot of experience in orchestras or other musical groups as violinists. You can be sure that you or your kids are in the right hands. If you still have any doubts, then you can even talk to the teachers personally before beginning your classes. The various other benefits that people receive from playing violin are:

Physical Benefits – there are not one but numerous physical benefits of learning to play violin like –
Arm Strength Increases- playing violin constantly requires the upper body strength along with a lot of arm strength. You might feel tired from playing violin in the first few sessions; this is because the work your body is putting to play the instruments. Eventually, this problem may go and as you improve, so will your arms. So basically you will have stronger arm without lifting weights.
Postures Improve – While playing the violin, a person has to sit up straight and tall. Since the violin has to come up near your shoulders when you play it, everything in your posture should be correct to produce a good symphony. So with the upper body and arms getting stronger, you will soon have a good tall posture.
Finger Dexterity Improves- Some songs require you to reach the strings that are far away from your finger’s reach this puts a strain on your left hand’s fingers. Also to play properly your right hand’s fingers need to learn to control the bow which requires a lot of practice. With time and regular practice, your fingers will become more flexible, and you will no longer feel the strain. This will also lead you to play difficult songs that require fingers to reach at the far of strings, very easily.
Improves Coordination- Playing violin requires fingers and arms to be coordinated simultaneously. To play it correctly your fingers on the left hand pressing the strings need to match up to the movement of the bow that is dome by the right hand. Practicing this regularly improves your coordination and motor skills.

Mental Benefits- In addition to the various physical benefits there are many psychological benefits of playing the violin as well. They are-
Concentration Increases- Learning to play violin requires a person to be focused. You have to constantly read the violin music from the notes and translate this into music. If one note in translated wrongly, your whole piece gets ruined. This practice automatically improves your attention span and your concentration.
Reading Skills Improve- There have been many pieces of evidence that show that there is a correlation between musical training and the word decoding skills. Word decoding skills are the fundamental skills required to learn and pronounce a word easily. With the violin lessons, a person’s auditory ability increases Increasing Reading Skills.
Sharp Memory- Playing violin requires you to memorize songs and notes to play at big events without sheets. Also while learning violin, your muscle memory will also increase leading to an overall sharp memory.
Lowers Stress Levels- The sound of music is proven to have decreased the level of stress in people and relax them. Practicing violin after a very stressful day can be a great way to release the stress, and you will instantly feel calm and composed.
Strengthens patience- to improve your violin playing skills you will have to practice for really long hours and only then will you be able to get some result. This is not a one-time thing; this will happen every time you try to learn a new thing. Waiting for the reward that comes after a lot of practice and hard work will surely increase your patience.
Improves Academic Skills- Playing a violin trains you in many skills like focus, coordination, critical thinking, problem-solving and much more. With these skills, your academic performance automatically increases. You do not have to put extra efforts in anything.
Self-Discipline- nothing can be achieved without discipline, and this is the case with learning violin also. You cannot benefit from anything if you do not work for it. So, you need to make an effort to learn to play the instrument, and you need to be disciplined enough to practice it regularly so that results are good.

Social Benefits- The social benefits associated with playing violin are:

Confidence- Playing in front of so many people at a recital or a concert increases your confidence enormously. Since you will be accustomed to facing crowds and strangers, you will have no problem in doing other things like giving a speech or voicing your opinion on a large platform or maybe just your class.
Improves Social Interactions- if you are playing in an orchestra, it is mandatory for you to interact with the other orchestra members to stay coordinated. Regularly interacting with new people will make you confident enough to interact with anyone without shying off. You also have a new thing to talk about with your friends or family or anyone you meet. You can also invite them to your recitals or concerts, opening many social and musical opportunities.

Learning to play violin from the Violin Academy Singapore is a fun experience where you will find the perfect mentoring and the best environment to learn and grow.